Simplest and most complete tool of the market

Workelo is the innovative SaaS plateform leader in Europe, that enables you to reinvent employee's corporate mobilities, from arrival until departure.

The objective is clear : unload your teams and propose an innovative and engaging experience everyone.

Connect with your new recruits even before their first days on the job

Don't wait until the beginning of the contract to connect with your new recruits, integrate them remotely into their new company : digital welcome kit, presentation portraits, chatbot, first day detailed planning of the first day and fun challenges to get to know their new environment perfectly !

Your future recruits are reassured and won over by the personalized attention that is offered to them!


Take advantage of the blank period before your employees first day to make it a key moment in their onboarding !

Our Preboarding solution will allow you to anticipate each arrival and offer a unique onboarding experience: video from the manager, automated administrative tasks, preparation of work material, quizzes, presentation of colleagues... Everything is there to let a perfect integration experience.

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"Wow" effect is guaranteed thanks to a fun and simple path

Learn a new job, discover a new company or test your knowledge... how about making it FUN ?

Let your employees immerse themselves in their new environment, on their cell phone or computer, thanks to a playful course punctuated with gaming challenges, quizzes, trophies to be won, and rewards for each new step completed !

Taking on a new job has never been so easy and motivating !

Offer each of your new recruits a warm and personalized welcome: make them feel fulfilled and motivated at the idea of succeeding in their new challenge!

Using our Onboarding solution, combined with Preboarding, simply create integration paths to the workplace at your company on a digital platform, accessible at any time on a mobile, tablet or computer.

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Closely follow changes alongside your employees

Question your population regularly and evaluate your employees' satisfaction : create as many questionnaires as you wish, at the frequency you want !

Make your career path evolve on a regular basis by optimizing the elements that did not convince your employees.

Would you like to better support your employees in their professional mobility, learning new skills or accompany them in new transformation projects?

Rely on our Crossboarding solution and improve your employees' development throughout their career!

Don't forget anything before the day of departure

On the company side, HR, Managers and internal services carry out in one click the actions to be carried out before the Employee's departure : administrative procedures, computer access closures, recovery of equipment, etc.

The employee prepares serenely for his departure validating his actions step by step before the end of his contract : preparing his handover, sorting out his belongings, emptying his computer or gathering together all his work equipment : PPE, business telephone, badge, etc.

The departure of an employee, whether undergone or requested, is a step not to be neglected for your Employer brand. 

With our Offboarding solution, optimally prepare each departure of your employees and take advantage of that moment to collect feedbacks that can make you evolve positively, whatever the reason behind.

Dozens of other features at your disposal

Welcome video

Propose personalized welcome videos to every new hire

Paced content

Set up a multi-week integration experience from the outset

SMS or emails

Communicate the most impactful way with your recruits

Welcome booklet

Everything you need to know for a successful arrival at the company

D-day teasing

Reassure and inform about the integration process (plan, agenda, etc)

Presentation portrait

Discover the personality of your new employees

360 visit

Offer a virtual tour of your workplace to your recruits before their arrival !

Welcome kits

Coordinate the preparation of all the necessary material for your employee

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